SGV.NET User Group Meeting - Learning Silverlight 4 w/ Volkan Uzun - Wed 4/21/2010

Abstract: Silverlight 4 enhances the building of business applications, media applications, and applications that reach beyond the browser. New features include printing support, significant enhancements for using forms over data, full support in the Google Chrome web browser, WCF RIA services, modular development with MEF, full support in Visual Studio 2010, bi-directional text, web camera and microphone support, rich text editing, improved data binding features, HTML support, MVVM and commanding support, new capabilities for local desktop integration running in the new “Trusted Application” mode such as COM automation and local file access.

While Silverlight turns into a mainstream RIA technology for enterprise level applications; this presentation will focus on and demonstrate a selected group of Silverlight 4 features to highlight its potential. The content will include useful pointers for further study and experimentation.
About the Speaker: Volkan is currently working at California State University as an Information Technology Consultant. He has a passion for creating accessible and secure applications and loves to share his knowledge with the developer community. He was the instructor for the IEDOTNETUG ASP.NET Web Forms class in 2008 and this year he taught teaching ASP.NET MVC. Volkan is holding a MS degree in Computer Science from California State University.
He has been developing softtware since 1999; former companies he worked for include Wincor-Nixdorf and Denizbank; where he was involved in systems engineering and programming. He is certified as MCTS on SQL Server 2005 and MCTS on ASP.NET Web development.
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