Learn Windows Azure with Stanford's Folding@home distributed computing project


Are you

A) a Scientist/researcher/student/ looking for the right enterprise platform for your next big scientific project?

B) a developer/architect who wants to learn cloud computing with windows Azure and would like to go beyond the Hello World Apps?

C) an hobbyist interested in Stanford's Folding@home distributed computing project and see it's implementation

D) someone who would like to try out a free two week trial of windows Azure and see a cool distributed computing project unfold (literally 🙂 )

E) a combination of above

If your answer is anything from A-E, this is a perfect opportunity for you. @home with Windows Azure is an online hands-on workshop! This is a guided tour of process of building and deploying a large scale Azure application. No more "hello world"! in this two hour long session, you will see how to build and deploy a real cloud app that leverages the Azure data center It's a free online session where each attendee will receive a temporary, self-expiring, full-access account to work with Azure for a period of 2-weeks.

The webcast is 2 hours and offered at 4 different times during the month of June.

For details, check out the project website and the event registration page.

You'd need VS.NET 2008/2010 with the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.1 (February 2010)


PS. A recording of the Tuesday, May 4th session can be viewed along with the webcasts on Creating your first Azure application and Running and deploying the @home with Windows Azure application however in order to get the free 2 week account, you'd need to signup and attend an event.