Aspect.NET 2.2 Released

Version 2.2 of Aspect.NET - aspect-oriented programming toolkit for the .NET platform, integrated to Visual Studio has been released. Aspect.NET is developed at St. Petersburg University under the supervision of Professor Vladimir O. Safonov. The new feature of Aspect.NET 2.2 is in support of the second language - Visual Basic (alongside with C#) as aspect implementation language.

Multi-language AOP with Aspect.NET is an enhancement of multi-language programming with .NET. In .NET, it is possible to develop different modules (classes) of an application in different, more suitable languages and integrate them into a single .NET application. In Aspect.NET, it is now possible to implement aspects either in C# or in VB, whatever language might be the most appropriate for the aspect’s functionality, and to weave aspects to target applications written in C# or VB.

Further details can also be found on the project's website.