SoCal Code Camp Fullerton - Practical AppFabric Caching and Session Management

SoCal codecamp Jan 28th - 29th is only couple of weeks away. Like always, there is a great list of sessions and speakers.

I’ll be presenting on AppFabric; Being a technical editor for an upcoming book on AppFabric, it’s a great opportunity for me to test out the specific interests around this area. Following is the abstract.

Would you like to learn about high availability, scalability and distributed cache management using Microsoft platform without getting all cloudy? Windows Server AppFabric is a set of application services focused on improving the performance and management of Web, Composite, and Enterprise applications. AppFabric provides a highly scalable in-memory application cache for all types of data. With the caching features of AppFabric you get Scalable in-memory, distributed cache for any serializable data, Seamless integration with ASP.NET, High availability and dynamic scale-out of cluster nodes, Optional local cache with eviction policies and cache change subscriptions and notifications.

In this demo-centric session, we will cover end-to-end implementation of a web solution using AppFabric for caching and session management. Intended audience include web developers who want to build high performance applications leveraging web programming techniques (e.g.ASP.NET, MVC, RESTful services, etc) and enterprise developers who create service oriented middle tier applications using .NET.

Please do try to come, it's a great event for developers to get together and learn about new (and existing) technologies from their peers.