Feb 15th – Learn Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Mercurial

San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers group's next meeting is Wed Feb 15th. Please swing by to learn more about Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Mercurial source control usage in a team environment. See details below or on the sgv.net user group website

Abstract: Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is an approach, a mindset to reduce complexities in application development. In its essence, CQRS is the creation of two objects where there was previously only one. CQRS is a very simple pattern that enables opportunities for architecture that may otherwise not exists. I will discuss what CQRS is in its simplest form and how it can be used to; capture business intent, data warehousing, event sourcing, and help reduce application complexity. After giving a brief overview of CQRS, I walk through developing a simple application using DDD and CQRS.


Abstract: Working with Mercurial in a team
Mercurial is a cross-platform, distributed revision control tool for software developers. Mercurial’s major design goals include high performance and scalability, decentralized, fully distributed collaborative development, robust handling of both plain text and binary files, and advanced branching and merging capabilities, while remaining conceptually simple. This discussion will give an introduction to Mercurial, as well as the client tools fully integrated in Visual Studio, and various work flows that can be used with Mercurial in your team.