Quantum Computing & Entanglement with Dr. John Preskill @ Caltech

Last night I had the privilege to listen to Dr. John Preskill in Beckman Auditorium here at Caltech with fellow Quantum aficianado David Lazar. John Preskill is the Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech. This was definitely one of the most accessible lecture on this topic of general audience which was very well received. Dr. Preskill is definitely a teacher and a communicator; as Feynman chair, he effectively summarized 50+ years of Quantum research and development into a one hour lecture. Quantum frontiers has some of the recorded lectures which readers may find interesting.


Dr. Preskill is also involved with IQIM, Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, at Caltech. Here is an IQIM Promotional video which was shown towards the end of the session.

The lecture addressed the opportunities and challenges in quantum computing, entanglements, speculation  about future trends, quantum error correction and quantum information science.






Caltech - John Preskill: Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Computing

John Preskill: Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Computing

Couple of his detailed lectures can be seen below.