Writing High Quality Code in C# by Svetlin Nakov


This is an excellent presentation by Svetlin Nakov of Telerik which I thoroughly enjoyed and decided to share it via my blog. Following is the abstract.

The author introduces the principles of high-quality programming code construction during the software development process. The quality of the code is discussed in its most important characteristics – correctness, readability and maintainability. The principles of construction of high-quality class hierarchies, classes and methods are explained. Two fundamental concepts – “loose coupling” and “strong cohesion” are defined and their effect on the construction of classes and subroutines is discussed. Some advices for correctly dealing with the variables and data are given, as well as directions for correct naming of the variables and the rest elements of the program. Best practices for organization of the logical programming constructs are explained. Attention is given also to the “refactoring” as a technique for improving the quality of the existing code. The principles of good formatting of the code are defined and explained. The concept of “self-documenting code” as a programming style is introduced.