Cloud Computing and CQRS Resources

MSDN Blogs: Cloud Architecture Series - CQRS Part 1 (Bruno Terkaly)

MSDN Magazine: CQRS on Windows Azure (Mark Seeman)

Book: Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing: A journey into high scalability, availability, and maintainability with Windows Azure (MS Patterns & Practices)
And a few backgrounders:
CQRS - a new architecture precept based on segregation of commands and queries (Marco Heimeshoff, Philip Jander)

CQRS Starting Page (Rinat Abdullin)

The Best Way to Learn CQRS, DDD, and Event SOurcing (Rinat Abdullin)

MSDN: CQRS Journey Project

Slides: CQRS: Command/Query Responsibility Segregation

Slides: CQRS and Event Sourcing, An Alternative Architecture for DDD (Dennis Doomen)

When to Avoid CQRS (Udi Dahan)
CQRS is Too Complicated (Rob Ashton)
"I think the main problem with DDD and CQRS is that they are misappropriately used.  The vast majority of systems do not  need this level of sophistication. What is more worrying is that .NET has adopted CQRS as their new and shinny. 
I shudder at people using either for CRUD but I suspect it does happen."
--Paul Cowan
courtesy of David Lazar