DevConnections Conference - Day 4

Post Conference Session - Mastering WCF in a Day

“Plumbing is evil. Developers are inherently disadvantages by plumbing. ”
-Juval Lowy

Juval Löwy is the founder of IDesign and a seasoned software architect specializing in system architecture and large applications design. He is the author of Programming .NET Components and upcoming Programming WCF Services. As a post conference session, I attended Joval Lowy’s “Mastering WCF in a Day”. It was a crash course in all things WCF with the following agenda.

  • Service Orientation
  • WCF Essentials
  • WCF Architecture
  • Data Contracts
  • Instance Management
  • Operations and Calls
  • Transactions

The entire day presentation was essentially what Joval has described in this article “WCF Essentials-A Developer’s Primer” however, his concise examples and simplistic explanation has made a significant difference in understanding windows communication foundation (WCF).

I’ll discuss topics discussed in his session in detail as a separate post; following are the code samples, links and references to further explore WCF.

The IDesign WCF Coding Standards can be downloaded from here.

Books and References

Programming WCF Services
by Juval Lowy (On Safari Rough Cuts)

To request the WCF Resource CD, click this link and check the CD Checkbox:

WCF Essentials-A Developer’s Primer

IDesign Downloads

Vista Series: Windows Communication Foundation

WCF Downloads and Samples

Discover Mighty Instance Management Techniques For Developing WCF Apps

What You Need To Know About One-Way Calls, Callbacks, And Events

WCF sample: Chat room client and server for .NET Framework 3.0

Windows Communication Foundation Architecture Overview 

Windows Communication Foundation Part 1.

MSDN TV: Windows Communication Foundation Bindings and Channels

Distributed .NET: Learn The ABCs Of Programming Windows Communication