DevConnections Wrap-ups Etcetera

Courtesy of Paul Mooney
Scott Guthrie gave an 8 AM talk on ASP.Net AJAX at DevConnections, in case you missed it I got it recorded.” Click here to see it.

Dan Wahlin’s sessions were also recorded.
Video: ASP.NET AJAX, XML and Web Services (with a little Virtual Earth)
Video: Minimize Code with TableAdapters and Strongly-Typed DataSets
-Dan Wahlin and Spike Xavier

Some pertaining posts with slides and samples.

Microsoft IronPython for ASP.NET CTP is available; I’ll be trying it out shortly.

And for you “Heavy .Netal” music fans, pleasure for your ears, not.

No More DLL Hell - The Song
Written and Performed By:   Spike Xavier & Dan Wahlin

Couple of good white papers I encountered from MSR & MS.

Can Abstract State Machines Be Useful in Language Theory?
Yuri Gurevich; Margus Veanes; Charles Wallace
Microsoft Research

Windows Workflow Foundation - Performance Whitepaper
Performance Characteristics of Windows Workflow Foundation
Microsoft Corporation.

And last but not least, food of thought for your <substitute your favorite player here>.
Free Academic Podcasts;
145 podcasts for your educational pleasure.


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