Do I need a Enterprise Service Bus? - SGV.NET Meeting on 21st Jan 2009

San Gabriel Valley .NET User Group's next meeting is on 21st January and the topic of this month's talk is "Do I need a Enterprise Service Bus?" delivered by Kevin Orbaker, Director Connected Systems at speakTECH. This is the first meeting of year 2009 and with an excellent speaker and enterprise centric topic, it will be quite informative for our attendees.

Talk abstract and speaker's bio are as follows. If you live in the San Gabriel valley area and are a .NET Developer or know someone who does, please spread the word. For details, please visit the website www.SGVDotNet.Org

Abstract: Enterprise
applications rarely live in isolation; in today's highly integrated
world, application can't do much that is very useful without working
with other applications. Service-Oriented Architecture addresses the
trend of integrating applications so that they can work together and
accelerates it, breaking each application into parts that then must be
integrated with each other. The SOA model may seem simple, but it
introduces two significant problems; How does a consumer find a
particular service to invoke, and secondly, how do these services get
invoked quickly and reliably.

These questions are addressed by the
Enterprise Service Bus. But the mere mention of an ESB creates more
questions than answers. This session will discuss the why's and why
not's of the Enterprise Service Bus, what it is and when you need it.

About the Presenter
an Integration Practice Manager at speakTECH, Kevin Orbaker helps
client to create seamless information sharing to enable business
optimization and total information transparency through integrated
systems and automated application process. Kevin is a member of the
Microsoft CSD Virtual Technology Specialist team. He has extensive
architectural and implementation experience with Microsoft's Enterprise
Service Bus guidance. Kevin has years of integration experience with
multiple technologies, including EDI, HL7, and Host Integration. Kevin
has consulted for a variety of industries, ranging from commercial and
residential real estate, entertainment, technology and public

Meeting Agenda:

    * 6:00p Mixer/Networking/Pizza
    * 6:30p Presentation Starts
    * 7:30p Break
    * 7:45p Presentation Resumes
    * 8:45p Raffle

Park in parking structure at 570 E Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016 .
Meeting is across the street in  605 E Huntington Dr. Once parked, use
the overhead walk way to get to the building.  The meeting will be
right inside the door after the walk way.

This is a Green Dot sponsored event. There is no entry fee and the event is free for attendees.