Session Notes - Practical AppFarbic @ SoCal Code Camp Fullerton

One of the great benefits of speaking to a group of peer developers and engineers is the valuable feedback and learning. In my yesterday's session on Practical AppFabric Caching, there were various great questions from audience pertaining to app fabric development, deployment and configuration in the wild. The questions were about use of local cache, appfabric security model, local cache vs. global cache scenarios, high availability,  performance monitoring and health monitoring / SCOM in appfabric. I am planning to do detailed blog posts on these topics in near future; but for now, these links should answer the immediate concerns.

As discussed, AppFabric 1.1 can be downloaded from here which introduces read-through and write-behind provider support, graceful shutdown, domain account support, new ASP.NET session state and output caching providers, compression and multiple cache client application configuration sections to the existing appfabric feature-set. The sample app can be downloaded from here. CacheWebAppSample.



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