How to tweet (or blog) in Urdu

Gone are the days of inpage; now writing Urdu universally in unicode is rather easy on both mac and PC (and Linux). Yesterday I was asked by a friend regarding how to tweet in Urdu. Here is a short 3 step guide without reinventing the wheel.

1. If you are not familiar with Urdu phonetic keyboard, the quickest way is to use Google Transliterate

2. Urdu keyboard is quite easy to learn. If you want native support of Urdu in your operating system, follow the steps according to your OS.

Since I use both MAC and PC for native urdu support, I have tried and tested both the mechanisms and they work just fine.

3. If you are using transliteration, you would copy and paste the Urdu text into your favorite twitter / blogging client. Not all clients support unicode; tweetdeck didn't use to but does support Unicode.

Happy tweeting / blogging.