Developer's Contest hosted by UCLA Anderson School of Management

WHAT:The Developer’s Contest hosted by the Entrepreneur Association @ the UCLA Anderson School of Management

HOW IT WORKS:You and a team (up to three people) develop a business idea from scratch over a single weekend to win cash prizes.

WHEN:February 24 - February 26


  • Develop a business idea from inception
  • Show off your programming talent
  • Meet potential employers and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Develop your resume

Format in brief:
Up to 10 UCLA Anderson students will give a 1-minute pitch of their business idea to a group of developers at the Developer Contest kickoff on Friday. After the developers have heard all 10 pitches, they will then vote for the idea that they want to develop that weekend.

After the vote, the pitching Anderson student who received the most votes will have 20-30 minutes to answer Q&A with the developers about the idea and go into further detail. The developers may form teams of up to 3 members, with the option of selecting an Anderson student as a consultant.

The developer teams are given the weekend to develop a prototype and to prepare a presentation of their final product. Sunday evening each developer team will present to a board of judges. The winning team/developer will be selected by the judges and will receive cash and/or other prizes.

UCLA Anderson School of Management, 110 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095