CloudCamp LA 2012, CQRS and NoSQL

Cloud camp LA happened couple of weeks ago at the coresite campus in downtown LA. The highlights of the evening were Dave Nielsen's intro, Lynn Langit's NOSQL session, Bret Statham's CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) talk and coresite's datacenter tour.

Slides from Bret's lightning talk can be downloaded here.

NoSQL for the SQL Server DBA

View more PowerPoint from Lynn Langit

I have attended cloudcamps organized by Dave Nielsen in the past but this particular event wasn't as organized as the one at Microsoft campus couple of years ago (and through no fault of his own). Dave is a Co-Founder of CloudCamp and author of the book PayPal Hacks. The event started late and hence the unconference style sessions and panels were cut short and disrupted. Lots of echo so it was hard to hear and topics which came out of un-conference discussion weren't quite diverse and well organized even for an unconference. However, the data center tour was fun!

and a much nicer write-up by morphlaps on CloudCamp LA – Why Open Source (and OpenStack) Matters To the Enterprise

I get to meet Jason Woloz who is heading up the Cloud security alliance LA chapter. The first meetup is coming soon.