Data Science Hackathon

Online Data Science Hackathon - Apache Spark Maker Build

This is a Global On-line Hackathon that Begins May 23, 2016 and Ends August 3, 2016.  Submissions Due August 3rd By 5:00 Pm Est.

Build an Apache Spark application to address a real business problem or core concern related to customer care, marketing, risk management or operations. Join IBM and Devpost for a global hackathon using Apache Spark Makers Build.  There are $100,000 in cash prizes.  Submissions can be sent in up to August 3rd.

Participation Details: To participate in the global virtual hackathon, you can register here.  Please review all registration guidelines.

For the hack, you will apply Apache Spark's powerful analytics capabilities to enterprise and other relevant data so data scientists and software developers can build an analytics or mobile/web app that tackles a key business problem in marketing, customer case, operations or risk management.  The grand prize is $50,000, and the top three winners each get a meeting with the judge or Spark community expert of their choice; the judging panel includes data experts from Tesla, Netflix, and Silicon Valley Data Science.

Go to for full details and registration.  Please review all registration rules. Additional information about this hackathon can be found here:
Global Apache Spark Makers Hackathon